Have a comic – No real post today.

As you may have noticed I have an annoying number of migraines. On those days I can’t really write, seriously, breathing and thinking about how miserable I feel is hard enough. So I had a thought. As you also probably know I’m in the run up to starting a webcomic. But I decided that I needed more practice with pen, pencil, and graphics tablet. In any event, I draw a lot, and I figured why not start drawing little things. You know, to make up for those days when I am unable to bash you all over the head with my own brand of insanity. SO here’s the first one ever. Enjoy.

Me, in about 30 seconds.

4 Comments to “Have a comic – No real post today.”

  1. Love it. And I sooo understand…I get at least two of the bastards a week. People who don’t get them can’t really understand what it feels like to think your eyes are going to burst from their sockets, quickly followed by any grey matter not already liquefied by the swelling of your cortex.

    Sending waves of get-better-ness your way.

    • Thanks V. I tend to get ones that last for days or even weeks. And then when they do go away for the first couple of days even a loud enough noise will set them off again. I so agree with you, unless you’ve experienced a migrain you can never understand just how horrific they are. The first time I had one, aged 4, I was convinced I was dying, but I couldn’t explain what was wrong to my mom. Ugh.

      Anyway get-wellness vibes much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Since you’re a long time sufferer, I assume you’ve tried all the meds out there? There’s an over the counter one here called Migraleve, and if I can catch it quickly enough, it really takes the edge off so I can continue to function, at least minimally. Maybe you could get it online?

    • I’ve been on half a dozen different drugs to help me with these. The best was a designer anti-migraine drug, which was taken off the market for some reason. Currently I’m on a beta blocker which does help, sort of. Basically if I manage to get out of a cluster it keeps the next one further away. The problem is getting out of the cluster to start with.

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