Saying “I can’t do it.” and deferring a dream.

It’s probably pretty clear from one of my past posts that I have a serious ambition to write/draw my own webcomic. And over the last few months I’ve worked hard to reach a point where I can launch it on an unsuspecting world. But recently I’ve had to admit that I can’t do it, at least not right now.

The simple facts are that I am at the moment writing three articles for this blog per week. I am in the middle of writing my second novel, and I’m trying to learn to play ukulele. But in addition to all those there’s one other thing standing in the way of my artistic ambitions. The simple fact is that despite a lot of practice, I’m just not that good at drawing yet. But I know that someday, if I keep working on it, I will be.

From this I have learned that saying “I can’t do it.” is no sin. There’s many things I can’t do, at this point in my life. But in the future I will be able to. Right now I can’t play “Cavatina” on my uke, but if I practice hard someday I will. Becoming proficient at most things ultimately come down to practice, hard work, and determination.

So for now a dream of mine is deferred for a while. Until a time when I have a little more time, have practiced enough to be happy with my artistic talent, and until after I’ve done a few courses.

And that’s no bad thing. After all it gives me more time to develop the storylines, the characters, the locations, and everything else that goes into good storytelling. That’s the thing I learned over the last few years about putting things off. If you keep what you’ve delayed somewhere in your mind, that time won’t have been lost, or wasted. And after all thinking about things can be one of the most important parts of being creative.

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