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No Post Today.

I had planned to do a basic write up of the fun I had steampunking my foam dart gun for today. However yesterday I ended up vomiting, and feeling like my head was trying to detach itself from my body. So nothing got done. Today isn’t a whole lot better I’m afraid. So please be patient, and I’ll have something nice for Saturday.

Hey you can’t complain, you got a badly drawn cartoon. What more do you want?

Have a comic – No real post today.

As you may have noticed I have an annoying number of migraines. On those days I can’t really write, seriously, breathing and thinking about how miserable I feel is hard enough. So I had a thought. As you also probably know I’m in the run up to starting a webcomic. But I decided that I needed more practice with pen, pencil, and graphics tablet. In any event, I draw a lot, and I figured why not start drawing little things. You know, to make up for those days when I am unable to bash you all over the head with my own brand of insanity. SO here’s the first one ever. Enjoy.

Me, in about 30 seconds.


I’m sorry but no regular post today.

I’m sorry to say folks that due to a day from hell yesterday, I don’t have anything written for today. I have several pieces half written but nothing of a quality I would be happy to post here. So I apologize. However later today I will put up a list of links to things which caught my eye this past week.

So thank you for reading my blog, and for your patience.


Blame 3 Mobile!

For the lack of a post today. Their network went down totally in my area over the weekend, and I only managed to get online by boarding a train to cork. So I am very sorry, but you can all blame 3.

I will get back to my regular posting schedule on Thursday.


Okay, no post today.

Well my mother came to visit this weekend.  This followed a night of highly enjoyable Ramona Flowers viewing.  So, no post today I’m afraid.  But I’ll have a pair of real humdingers for you all on Thursday and Saturday.  Sorry.


Apologies – delayed post.

All of yesterday and last night, I had the sort of horrific migraine that makes you think longingly of a revolver with one bullet, for the woman upstairs using her washing machine at 11pm.  The upshot of all this, is that I have no post ready for today and am somewhat brain fried from all the pain and painkillers.  So I will post a game review tomorrow and get back to my regular schedule on Saturday.  Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

For today I prescribe a large dose of beagle cuteness to keep your strength up for the long 24 hour wait…

And a knee for a pillow.

Apologies late post.

Due to feeling distinctly hammered under I won’t be posting my usual Saturday post.  Sorry but I think resting for a day and feeling human again tomorrow is a better bet.  I will post something up tomorrow though.  In the mean time enjoy the eternal picture of my puppy. This time in the continuing adventures of Winter, Winter has a nap with her teddy bear.

Joy is a soft couch and slightly chewed teddy-bear.
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