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Webcomic Update…

After way too long, and WAAAY too many completely redraws the new page is up! Enjoy page 8 of Acidgirl.

Acidgirl Page 8


I forgot to do this last Wednesday. Webcomic update!

Yeah what with my having a birthday last week I got kind of distracted. Anyway, here is last weeks page of my webcomic, and yes there will be one on Wednesday too.

Page 6

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New Webcomic Pages. (Oh and I’ll be blogging once a week again pretty soon.)

Well the good news is that after a week of being too sick to sit and draw Acidgirl is back with a double day.

The better news is that I will be back to updating this blog regularly pretty soon after my birthday in the beginning of March. It’ll only be once a week, but I’ll be putting up one decent length article per week, and I guess that’s something.


Webcomic Update Page 2

A week already?! Wow, well here I am shilling my second page of the revamped, rebooted Acidgirl. This time I managed to draw it in about half the time last weeks took. Who knows at this rate I may even find the time to do two pages a week…but not ’til after my birthday hangover next month at the very least.

Acidgirl Page 2


Webcomic update.

After a forever of waiting I’ve relaunched my webcomic, Acidgirl. The time seemed right. This is a complete, and total restart. And it starts…well, now. Enjoy.


Acidgirl Page 6

That time of the week again. Hope you all enjoy.

Acidgirl Page 6


Acidgirl Page 5

It’s that time of the week again, webcomic page time! Drawing it this week was actually a joyous experience for me, it took just under four hours, and I think the artwork has made a huge leap forward over last weeks. Well anyway here’s this weeks page, enjoy.

Acidgirl Page 5


Little Ruminations – 5 Random Things.

Since last Tuesday my stomach problems have been excruciatingly bad. This means that I’ve done little or no writing in a week. It also means that  I’ve run out of the spare articles which I write to stay ahead of myself. That being the case, and my concentration being roughly the same as the average 6 week old puppy, I’m going to be inflicting a series of “Little Ruminations” on you until this period of bad health finally eases off.

Starting today with five random things which I haven’t been able to fit into other posts in the past, and kind of doubt I’ll fit into posts in the future.

  • Do you remember Technical Lego? The stuff from the 90’s for making machines with? You know, back before Lego became dumbed down to a ridiculous degree?Well anyway, as it turns out, that stuff is great for making prototypes. You know for when you need something easy, and quick to assemble, just so you can test a concept. So ya, if you have a big bucket of it somewhere, and you’re the kind of person who builds their own tools, you just might want to hold on to it.
  • It’s surprisingly difficult to learn how to walk in platforms again, when you’ve had a break of two years. This came as a potentially very painful shock to me in the last week. The key seems to be reminding yourself constantly that if you don’t keep your feet facing dead straight ahead, you’ll end up flat on your ass in the street.
  • Apparently a lot of puppies eat other dogs poop. No-one really knows why they do this, but thankfully they see to outgrow it in time. Weird, disgusting, but weird.
  • Crazy Color, the semi-permanent hair dye which I’m addicted to, seem to have changed their recipe. It used to remind me of really weirdly coloured custard. Now it reminds me more of really weirdly coloured semen. Oh, and the colours seem to have been tweaked as well, they’re not quite what they used to be, the Violette for example is a much darker shade.Either that or last time I got a bad batch. Not complaining though my hair looks Funky, the capital “F” is definitely a good thing.

    See? I did say Funky!

  • To my utter shock, airsofters don’t seem to build their own guns, ever. By this I don’t mean that they don’t buy specific internals and casings and put them together to form reasonably unique setups. I mean they don’t seem to build their own externals.As a long time model maker, and someone who has a great love of making props for my own use, this sort of addles me. Anyway, guess whatone of my first projects will be next year? Yup, you guessed it, dieselpunk airsoft rifle!

Getting ready to launch a dream.

As my long-term readers will know well by now, I’ve had a long-held dream to create my own webcomic. I’m not quite sure when this particular bug decided to sink its teeth into me, but at some point in the past ten years I realised I wanted to be a web-artist. I’m generally a creative person. I’ve made a couple hundred pounds weight of chainmaile, written a novel, modded various objects, been a carpenter etc. I like to create. I like to start with an idea, and after a lot of hard work be able to stank back and be proud to say, “I made that.”

It’s a wonderful feeling to create something, and know that no-one will ever again create something quite the same, even if they attempt to copy you 1 to 1. Because quite simply no-one else’s hands will move in quite the same way, no-one else’s eyes will see things in quite the same way. But especially only your mind can direct the means to create what you create. Anyway like I said it’s a wonderful feeling.

Since last year when I decided to finally create my own webcomic I’ve been working towards its release. I’d initially hoped to launch it during that Summer. That unfortunately proved impossible. But I decide not to give up. So I’ve put aside time every week to practice my drawing, to learn about creating and running a webcomic, even to figure out where to have it hosted. It’s been a long hard slog, but finally I’m getting tantalizingly close to where I want to be. You see after years of wanting to, and a full year of working up to it, at some point in the next two weeks the first page of my webcomic will be going live.

This is the as yet unfinished cover page for its first chapter…

Her name is Lucretia Acidgurl. And she’s on a mission to save her universes human race from extinction. And pretty soon you’ll be able to read her adventures as she meets real-life superheroes, and mostly regrets it. Kicks ass in unexpected way. Plays ukulele in weird, and wonderful places. And searches for the wonderous element known as Slood.

It’s been a long road already. But I can’t wait to finally be able to put my feet firmly on their new path.


A Creative Soul Needs a Little Help.

Last weekend it was brought to my attention that a certain musician was in need of assistance. That musician being the genre defying Dr. Carmilla. I will however let her explain what it’s all about herself.

Funding Campaign

In over a year of writing for this blog I have never posted with regard to anything like this. But I truly believe that this artist is that talented, and deserving of any help my readers can lend her.

(Please reblog this everyone, let’s help this brilliant musician achieve her dream.)

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