What the hell is with the price of DVD’s?

Sunday was my birthday, and in the absence of a friend owning a ring of invisibility to strangle before slinking off to live underground for the rest of my life, I thought I’d treat myself to a couple of movies. Or even one. But because of the very specific movies I wanted it was not to be.

You see the new Avengers movie is going to be released soon, and it is a direct sequel to the following movies Hulk, Ironman 2, Thor and Captain America. Yes that’s right, if you aren’t a Marvel fan you might well be picking your jaw up off the ground right now, it’s a direct sequel to no less than 4 individual movies.

Now I own a copy of Hulk, not a great movie but it has one of my favourite “on foot” chase scenes in a very long time right at the beginning of the movie, and it’s a quantum leap in quality compared to the earlier Eric Bana version. And I have seen Ironman 2 in the cinema, even though I have yet to add a copy to my somewhat frighteningly large DVD collection. But due to health, and financial concerns I have yet to see either Thor, or Captain America. So I’m sure you can guess which two movies I wanted to buy.

So Sunday, with my tummy not acting like a happy camper I asked my Partner in Crime to take me to our nearest town so I could invest. There’s a Golden Discs store there, and I often find good deals on movies there. Why only 6ish weeks ago I found both of the Linda Cardellini containing Scooby Doo movies for under a tenner there. Talk about your double score. Thus it was with joyous hope in my heart that I entered that store, with visions of Thor and Captain A. in my mind. But not to be.

You know how there’s a recession on? The one that has Ireland’s politicians sounding a little like a kid sucking at that last bit of the milkshake? A whole lot of effort with not much result apart from a lot of meaningless noise?

Aha, I’d noticed it too. I mean my income is pretty tiny, but by very careful planning, and the squeezing of every single drop of sweet, sweet life from each and every cent, I manage do quite a lot with it. But even with all that careful planning I simply can not afford 20 euro’s for a copy of Captain America or Thor. That’s 20 yoyo’s each! Even with popcorn it wouldn’t have cost me that much to see it in the cinema. I mean what the hell?

I get that movies cost a lot to make. Especially movies which are special effects heavy. I understand that, I also understand that DVD’s cost money to make and distribute. But at 20 euro’s to get each DVD I won’t be buying from Golden Discs. No I’ll shop around and find a copy for 12 euro’s or under. Even if that means waiting, and waiting. Even if that means I won’t go to see the new Avengers movie in the cinema. ‘Cause you know what? I’m one of THOSE comic book movie fans. I watched X-men 1 and 2 again on DVD the night before I went to see 3. I did the same with Spiderman. I even did the same again with Superman (Though Goddesses know I wish I hadn’t with the fourth one!). It’s a part of the Superhero movie experience for me. And I’d rather miss seeing Avengers on the big screen, and see Thor and Captain America first, than see Avengers and know I’m missing plot points, and back references.

So HMV, Tower Records, etc can expect to see me soon. And if they’re reading they, now, have been warned. *growls*

(And nope I won’t torrent them either. Marvel may be a soul sucking, money-grubbing, horror show, but damn it I like their comics, and movies so I’m happy to pay. Just not over the odds.)

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