I want a nice new shed.

Ah a nice shed. A workshop. A refuge from the world. A place to work on those messy little projects only a madman would want to do indoors. Or even just a place to sneak away to, and read for a while.  The breeding place of half-empty paint cans. Natural environment of random screws, bolts without matching nuts, nuts without matching bolts, and of course broken hacksaw or fret saw blades.

Nothing quite beats a well set out workspace, in a shed or not, to trigger that “Everything’s right with my world.” sigh. Of course what the workspace is for varies from person to person. For some it’s a place to experiment in woodworking, for others a place to set up their sewing machine, for still others a place to put all their arts materials and paint. But the point is that every variety of creative person at some stage or another has imagined their dream workspace, and it was probably based inside their dream shed.

For me that shed is not too large, cosy. It’s well-lit, both by natural light through two large windows as well as good quality strip lighting. Insulation? Yup, it has that too, sound and thermal, and some decent heating in the form of infrared lamps. It has plenty of easily organised storage. A good flat work surface, that has both my wood and metalworking vices mounted on it. A chop saw in the corner. There’s even a thicknesser in the opposite corner. And of course it will have to have a decent sound system, one that can be heard over power tools.

Of course not everyone is going to have that space, so you find yourself jamming your projects into a small a space as you possibly can. Usually in some otherwise unusable corner of the spare room. Which is fine until your mother is visiting. You see you can ignore it when it’s friends coming to stay. They know you do that particular hobby, they’re used to looking at semi-constructed paddles, floggers and canes. They know you make musical instruments, they’ve had to sit through your testing out a new one often enough. They’re more than aware that you have a steampunk night to attend and so are sewing your own costume, unlike all those lightweights with their store-bought costumes, pathetic *snorts*. But your mother…hmmmm.

You see she arrives tomorrow, and you know that the spare room has to be immaculate, pristine, or even vaguely tidy. And apparently 2 inches of wood shavings, or large drifts of fabric offcuts do not constitute tidy.

Hence the dream of that shed. Clean up the swarf, and shavings whenever you start to lose sight of the workbench. Put away your projects when they’re finished, or you’re bored with them.

Good news! I move in a few weeks, and while there’s no shed in my new soon to be home there is a really nice box-room. Guess who’s going to have a workspace?

P.S. I would like to wish my former slavegirl, and always great friend Karina a happy birthday. *hugs* Miss you Kitten, and have a great day.

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