This year we’re not off to sunny Spain!

No, I’m really not off to Spain sunny or otherwise, but I am doing something which I haven’t done since last year. I’m taking a real break from writing. While I have taken a weeks break here and there over the past year, it’s always been because of illness, or some random disaster.

Well right now I don’t feel horribly sick, just sort of normally sick, so I’ll actually be able to do stuff other than sit, cuddling a hot water bottle. And that has sort of coincided with my starting to feel the onset of writers burn out. So I’ve decided that as my Partner in Crime is at a loose end for a few weeks I’m going to not write at all for a little while.

No work on my current novel, no blogs, no short stories, no erotica. Nadda. A real break.

Just my PC, my boyfriend, computer games, and a lot of time spent in front of the telly not thinking about plotlines. It’s going to be frikkin’ great!

So everyone have a great few weeks, and I will be back, renewed, and ready to kick arse on Tuesday the 4th of September with the first of my long promised video blogs (Ya, that didn’t happen but it is going to.). Now that’s something to look forward to.

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