Top Ten Signs of an Irish Summer

Apparently Summer has arrived.  In fact, it supposedly arrived several weeks ago.  Did you notice?  Well neither did I.  But then I remembered, I live in Ireland.  A country where a good Summer is assessed by a slightly different scale of measurement.

10: You find yourself woken at 5am every morning by full daylight streaming into your south-facing bedroom.

9: But that daylight is diffused nicely by the thick dark grey, leaden sky.

8: Nothing says “Irish Summer” quite like hundreds of thousands of pasty skinned Irish people, all trying to get a tan from the sun which lies hidden behind that leaden sky.

7: The membership of Dail Eireann inform the nation that we should all holiday at home.

6: The membership of Dail Eireann climb onto passenger jets and take their holidays in the south of France.

5: Instead of wearing 6 layers of clothing, you strip down to a mere 3.  Way to go near nudity!

4: You catch the  neighbours cat eating its third swallow in two weeks.  Said cat is unapologetic and looks to be getting decidedly plump.

3: Someone releases a terrible food based dance song…(see these  two particularly bad examples from the past, you’re welcome.)

2: Every day of every week throughout the entire Summer, the news warns of imminent water cuts.  Despite it seeming to  rain several hours every single day.

1: Though it must be said of that rain, that it falls nice and vertically rather than near horizontally.

P.S. I admit this list is probably not up to my usual standards, my apologies.  Lack of sleep is my only excuse.

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