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What’s so wrong with kissing a girl and liking it?

Rushing home to my beloved Rosie the other day I had the unmitigated joy of spending three hours on a train from Cork to Dublin. While sitting there I had the pleasure of listening to a pair of young lesbians bitching at extreme length about how Katy Perry’s best known song “I Kissed a Girl” was despicable in how it portrayed feminine same-sex relationships.

Now I too am a lesbian. I love the girlies and to be perfectly frank I don’t care if they’re bisexual or dyke so long as they want my cute, shapely arse, oh and heart as well of course. And being lesbian I just don’t get what all the bollocks surrounding this song is about.

She’s singing about being at a party, getting very drunk and snogging a girl she fancies. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t a large number of bi-women discover that they love the ladies in a largely similar manner?

Actually I have known a few lesbians for that matter who discovered an abiding love for feminine parts in this way.

Yes at some stage in the song she wonders if her boyfriend will mind. But again so what? She kissed someone while drunk enough that to judge by the video at least she was hallucinating. She doesn’t dismiss what’s happened between her and the one with the luscious kissable lips because she has a boy. Nor has she been engaging in the trapping of an unsuspecting girl for a torrid three-way, though perhaps the girl may have actually gone for that.

So I again ask what’s the problem with this song?

Well after a lot of deep thought I think I know what the problem actually is. Some people don’t like to admit that they were at any stage unsure about their sexuality. “Oh I always knew I was *insert sexuality*.” This song is about someone exploring hers and being happily surprised by the results. So what do I think of it all? I love this song. It portrays female to female attraction as something both fun and positive, it’s bouncy, enjoyable and Katy Perry is deliciousness wrapped in hotness. So sod the begrudgers.

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