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The ten most awesome things about being – a ukulele player.

Yes that’s right I’m one of those people. I play a ukulele. I’m a wannabe gothic Lisa Hannigan or Kate Micucci. As for Zooey Deschanel I just wanna listen to her play “Little Black Rain Cloud”, and then take her by the hand, drag her to…best if I say no more on that particular subject. Well anyway the point is that ukuleles have become popular again. And while they may sometimes still be scoffed at by “serious” musicians, there are so many reasons to love about them, or better yet about playing them. So here we have my top ten awesome things about being a ukulele player.

10: You can carry it where ever you go. They weigh next to nothing. Seriously, my uke’s hard case is about 4 times heavier than the instrument it protects. With a light, but well padded, gig bag you can take a uke literally anywhere with you, and barely notice it. Try that with a guitar, piano, or tuba.

 9: People smile when they see you with a ukulele. If you have one try this sometime. Bring it with you to a park, canal bank, bar, train carraige, where ever. Take it out, and start to play. People will smile when they see it. Sure some of them will have this superior smirk, but most will just get joy from seeing this teensy instrument, with its big voice.

 8: Little kids will love you playing it. Something about the ukulele’s bright, bell-like sound really appeals to young children, (and some older gothy big kids too, I should know, after all, I’m one of them). So if you have nephews and nieces, sons and daughter, or just random adopted waifs and strays, if you take out a ukulele and start bashing out some kid friendly pieces you will make most, if not all of them smile.

 7: A girl just looks hot holding a ukulele. Of course she looks even hotter if she can hold it, and play it as well.

 6: You can leave “serious” musicians dumbfounded by switching randomly from a bright cheerful kiddy piece of music, to a rollicking, rampaging rendition of “The Hall of the Mountain King” or any one of the many Minuets that exist. I highly recommend Johan Krieger’s single-time one, it’s deceptively easy to play, but still quite impressive to listen to.

 5: People will start comparing you to such people as Lisa Hannigan, Kate Micucci and Zooey Deschanel. Though usually prefaced with the words “Wishes she was…”. Still, you’re right there in the same sentence. WOOHOO!

 4: You can become a collector. There’s literally hundreds, if not thousands of ukulele models in existence. Have you space to catch, and time to play them all?

 3: You never need to worry about having a good party piece again. Just make sure you learn a new piece of music before each suitable party.

 2: You can make women swoon at your feet by starting with “Popeye the Sailorman” and switching first to the “Sailor’s Hornpipe”, then to the Jack Sparrows theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, and then finally back to Popeye. I’m still working on achieving this, but I firmly believe that once perfected it will prove itself to be a musical WMS. (Weapons of Mass Seduction)

 1: Like bow-ties, fez’s and stetson’s, ukulele’s are cool. And so are you for playing one. So watch the last two seasons of Doctor Who again, fall in love with Amy Pond, and learn to say it in just the right way. But just in case you can’t be bothered to go find it yourself here’s a selection for you to learn from.

Now say it with me, “Ukulele’s are cool.”

And so is Lisa Hannigan, my latest musical love. Enjoy.

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