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So what do you do when you’ve had a week from Hell?

Why you put a linkstorm…well link-shower really. My tummy has been truly awful for the past few days so my concentration has been, kind of suitably, shot straight to Hell. Anyway I’ll be leaving you today with links to my three favourite webcomics. Enjoy.

Starting with the wonderful Girls with Slingshots. A romantic comic, with lots of laughs, a sexy shop, florist, dominatrix, and even a talking cactus.

Having run for the guts of a decade now, Questionable Content, is very much the comic which I have found myself measuring my own work against, admittedly not particularly favourably, but still…

Finally we come to Looking For Group. When this comic started I thought I was reading another World of Warcraft based comic. I was so wrong, with hilarious characters, beautiful artwork, exciting stories, and Richard, Looking for Group is easily in the top ten comics I’ve ever read on or offline.

Oh and who’s Richard? Why he’s this guy…evil has never sounded so good

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