I have to take a break.

Yeah, big surprise Amanda has to take a break, she’s writing less than ever before already and now she needs another break. Well yeah. My health’s taken another serious nose-dive. So, again, I’m going to do the smart thing and prioritise myself for a while. I need to get as better as I can.

When will I be back? Whenever this episode ends. So expect to see new stuff when you see it.

But for me right now it’s going to be dressing gowns, sleeping bags, and Ray Harryhausen movies for a while.

(Those of you on Facebook don’t expect me to be on much. I simply can’t cope with…more. Sorry.)

3 Comments to “I have to take a break.”

  1. I know you don’t know me, but if you need anyone to talk to, I’m totally up to it. I know what needing to rest feels like all too well. Not trying to come off as strange, I just know sometimes a helping hand can really be needed is all. 🙂

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