YouTube anti-choice/prolife adverts.

I love YouTube, where else can you go to watch movies which were never released on DVD in 9, highly censored, parts?

Where else can I go to watch my favourite critics, because the video systems they use on their home sites are rubbish, and just don’t work with any of my PC’s?

YouTube, home of the cat video, the angry bile filled responses to a world where not everyone shares your beliefs in a particular sky fairy, and Mrs. Betty Bowers.

Lately though YouTube has also become home of one hundred and fucking one anti-choice adverts. And you know what? I’m sick of them.

I’m sick of the sanctimonious crap of prolifers whose concern for children ends when they’re born.

I’m sick of living in a country that gives lip-service to secularism, while its leaders still get down on bended knee to suck off the local representatives of the Vatican City.

I’m sick of seeing people who I wouldn’t trust with a potato peeler, being given, or buying, immensely far reaching platforms from which to spout their hypocrisy.

But right now, most of all I’m sick of seeing guilt tripping advert after guilt tripping advert on YouTube, with no fucking way to either block, or opt out of them.

*deep cleansing breath* Going to go kill something on my Xbox now.

5 Comments to “YouTube anti-choice/prolife adverts.”

  1. Dear Amanda, as a big fan of your blog, I know where you are coming from. I also have this capability to switch form micro analysis to macro analysis. In this case it’s all about “follow the money”. It makes the world go round and it makes Google finance it’s operation though advertisement. Now, don’t get me wrong, having to watch these type of adds will make my stomach churn too, but it doesn’t mean one is helpless. Follow the money.. everyone does, so does Google. So with pain being the best teacher and companies doing the math on money, how can one make a change?

    Well, here is an idea: Start a facebook page or blog titled “Dear Google, I stopped clicking on your adds because…”
    Having entries like “because being forced to watch adds that go against my personal beliefs in regards to anti choice and pro-life I made a decisions not to click on any adds whatsoever that are offered by your organisation. As I am losing out on a positive internet experience, I don’t see why I should help finance your operation or anyone else that uses your services”

    The get about 10.000 likes on that page or blog and wait for Google to follow the money and do the math… they are usually pretty quick in their loss profit analysis and will look at the macro picture as well 🙂

    Big hugs from Franky 🙂

  2. While I cannot stand their unmitigated bile, I take a two-prong approach:

    1/ I click on the ads to report them or dislike them if I haven’t already done so. This is to flag my disapproval to Google.

    2/ I sit right though the advertisment, preferably with the sound off, even when I have the option to skip through it. Why? Because it costs the ProLifers money. Yes, I know they budgeted for a big advertising blitz, but if they budget for X many pairs of eyes, every time I see the ad, that means that one less persuadable person sees it.

    • I like that way of seeing things. I actually never realised you could flag or dislike ads on Youtube. Interesting I must figure out how to do that next time. And I agree taking money out of their pockets, and views from persuadable eyes are definitely good goals to keep in mind.

      • Their ad is just another video injected on top of the other one. So if you click on the title of the ad, the video will open independently in a new tab/window/puppy/whatever. Then it’s just another video.

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