This piece covers several points I’ve never been able to find the words to express properly. Please read.

Clare Flourish

 Tuck your penis, as if it was not there

How to tuck your penis, to achieve a feminine profile, so you can wear swimming costumes like the one pictured.

Julie Bindel insulted a trans woman: I was volunteering at a service near a street prostitution area where the women had an appalling history of child sexual abuse and who were being abused on the streets, and a male to female transgender person pre-op, came in, beard stubble, very short skirt, sat with her legs very widely splayed and obviously had male genitals and proceeded to behave aggressively to the other women, and there was nothing the manager of the service could do to tell her to leave because she legally has the right to be in that space as a woman…their rights are viewed as more important than the women.

You can avoid this problem.

When I dressed female…

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  1. I have edited that post extensively now, deleting most of the transphobic stuff and my refutation of it, and concentrating on tucking: because it still gets views, mostly from searches for “tucking”.

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