Happy Birthday to me!

So the past week I’ve gone from one migraine to another, end result being that my concentration was simply not good enough to get much of anything done. This ended with my having to do a very quickly drawn filler art for my webcomic.

Filler Art – Migraine Ninja

But combined with my birthday being on Monday, and my shared birthday party being today means not really any blog for today either. So…yeah. Have a nice weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday with Part 2 of the…

Poor Girls Guide to Staying Warm.

Oh and I’ll leave you with my idea of a birthday song. Enjoy.

2 Comments to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Sorry, just getting up to speed–hope you have a fantabulous birthday, bull of everything but health crap.

    • Aw thanks Vic. Yeah so far so good, it’s turned more into a birthday weekend because of it actually being on a Monday. But fun has been had, and more fun will be had shortly. Btw I will get back to commenting on your blog, things have just run away from me lately, between this, the webcomic, I’m doing prep for relaunching my video-blog (decided to just do it right this time), and I’m trying to get my first novel ready for submission next month as well as finally getting to grips with a second one. I just haven’t time for everything. Sorry.

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