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Unthinking assumptions again.

(Never mind, fixed)

Just before Christmas I wrote an article about the unthinking assumptions people tend to make about religious beliefs. Well I was lying there last night, going back over different things that have happened to me in the past couple of years, when it suddenly hit me that I’ve been the frequent recipient of another sort of unthinking assumption for a lot of my adult life.

Sit, and let me share with you a little information about myself.

I rarely drink. It’s something I do to celebrate, now admittedly there can often be a lot to celebrate spread over a year, but even so I drink no more than once a fortnite. But I tend to limit that to no more than a bottle of wine, and often not even that much.

I don’t smoke. Period. I never have, and never will.

So guess what other sorts of substances never enter my system? Yup that’s right, any drug that wasn’t prescribed (barring over-the-counter painkillers for migraine).

But despite this you, dear reader, would be stunned by the sheer number of random drug dealers, party-goers, and assholes on the street who have accosted me in the past 8 years, all singing from the same hymn book.

Sung in the key of furtiveness “Wanna buy some hash/E/(insert other illicit substance)”

This genuinely happens so often that I’m never surprised anymore when it inevitably does happen. Now, for a long, long time I wondered why this kept happening to me. Or at least I did ’til I put my head together with another girl I know, who is also of the Gothy persuasion. Well it turns out that she has had the same thing happen to her, constantly. She put her head together with a few other Gothy persuaded friends of hers, and guess what?! Yeah, that’s right, they get the same type of approaches when they’re out in the evening.

This leads to the question, “What the fuck?”

Well between us all we’ve come to the conclusion that people assume a Gothic nature means that in addition to loving black clothing, dark make-up, Goths just love having weird chemicals running around in their bodies. People just assume that because you are a part of a certain subculture, or I suspect really just about any subculture, that you are only delighted to have various illegal chemicals doing the Can-Can through you’re blood stream, on their way to a Roman orgy with your brain chemistry.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My opinion where most people are concerned is this. Want to do hash fine, that’s you’re problem, just keep it the frik away from me. Ditto E (or whatever it’s being called this month). Cocaine, heroin, meth, ummm, well my liberal nature only extends so far and these particular drugs set off the “You Fucking Idiot!” node in my brain. But like the majority of people I don’t use and have neither the interest, nor the inclination to do so. But as long as what you use is relatively comparable to alcohol, and you keep it away from kids, or other vulnerable people, hey it’s your body.

And yet, why in the fuck does anyone with a quantity of one of these substances, and a Gothic person in view seem to automatically assume “Ah, a paying customer.”

Is it linked to the unthinking assumption that Goths will fuck anyone? And do it in those interestingly kinky ways that even Caligula would have said “Dude, limits!” about… (yes this is a real attitude that I have been confronted with over, and over, and over. In fact it is one of several reasons I refuse to have one night stands, no matter how beautiful she might be.)

Is it linked in some way to the idea people have that all Pagans, (Which again many Goths are.) are really looking for any excuse to have rampant sex with strangers in stone circles. (Yes, this was actually said to me, by someone I though I knew well, when I started to publicly admit that I’m Pagan.)

I wish I knew, but more so I wish that these fucking assholes would just piss off, and stop trying to sell me drugs. I don’t want them, I don’t want to be offered them. And if you offer them to me again in public I will find the nearest police officer and report you. Because I genuinely have gotten that sick of this assumption, get the frikkin’ message assholes! The only drug I need is an endorphin high, from being lovingly mean to a slavegirl. (I said it was an assumption that Goths are kinky, I didn’t say it wasn’t true in my case. But even so I’m not a slut. But that’s another rant for the future.)

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