My Top Ten Most Beautiful Men of – Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Way back in March of last year I wrote a top 10 list of the women I think are most beautiful in both fantasy television, and film. I was delighted with it. Then two days later my oldest friend in real life, Kittysunflowers, issued what I chose to take as a challenge.

“Great! Be interested in seeing your opinions/top ten if you ever decide to do a ‘top ten’ for another gender!”

Well Kitty…

Now, barring three very specific guys I do not find men sexy. So this list is not based on sexiness, or even attractiveness. It’s literally based on how beautiful I find them.  This is partly based on how they look, I may be (mostly) lesbian, but even I can see when someone is beautiful. It’s also partly based on the little echoes of the real person behind the character, because no matter how good they may be at acting, something of their reality will always sneak through.

These men are not listed in any particular order, as I simply don’t know how to order them. But suffice to say, when they come on screen, even this dyke sits up and takes notice. Enjoy.

(Oh and who are the “three very specific guys”? Well they’re my ex-boyfriend Sean (The most beautiful man I have ever known), Ryan Reynolds (Come on he makes being Canadian sexy), and one guy who’s ego is already big enough, but I’m pretty sure he knows who he is.)

Chris Hemsworth – George Kirk (Star Trek):


God damn it is it hard to find a picture of this guy, in this movie which isn’t 99% lens flare. Well anyway, in 2009 we received the gift of a rebooted Star Trek. It was overall, in my opinion, the second best Star Trek movie. However it point-blank has the best opening of any science fiction movie I have ever seen. Those first ten minutes where we see Jim Kirks father go down kicking ass, and handing out his number. I simply can’t imagine anyone but Hemsworth playing George Kirk, he’s perfect in the role, and manages to show how the original universes Jim Kirk turns out the way he does, while setting up the tone an entirely new universes Starfleet. Show me anyone else who could have done that, while looking this good? Go on, I dare ya.

Ryan Reynolds – (Blade: Trinity):

No problems with lens flare here, thankfully. I don’t think that Ryan Reynolds acts as such. I think he shows up on set, and instantly makes everything about that movie awesome. Even if it’s a heap of shit like Green Lantern, or indeed, Blade: Trinity. Here’s the thing, he genuinely just seems to be  a good guy. Anytime you see him interviewed all that shines through is this genuineness, and pleasantness, which actually makes you sit up and pay attention. Of course in Blade: Trinity you notice because there are only two things which manage to make that train wreck of a movie watchable. Parker Posey at her most delicious, and Ryan Reynolds visibly pissing himself laughing the whole way through the story.

Aaron Eckhart – Ssgt. Michael Nantz (Battle: Los Angeles):

No idea why I find this guy, in this part beautiful, but I do. Maybe it’ just the reflected divinity of Michelle Rodriguez (who actually survives to the end…WTF?). Maybe it’s the dimpled chin. Maybe it’s the big ass gun, carried by a really worn out soldier. I don’t know. But he’s still on the list.

Vladimir Kulich – Buliwyf (13th Warrior):

Has anyone ever played a dour, troubled Norseman better on the big screen? And I mean ever? Everything about Kulich in the part of Buliwyf is just, right. His physical presence is spot on, his accent is spot on, his looks are spot on. I mean fuck, there’s only one other man who fits the Viking stereotype so perfectly and plants a huge grin on my face every single time I see him…

Dennis Storhøi – Herger (13th Warrior):

This man. Enough said.

Kyle MacLachlan – Paul Atreides (Dune):

Okay I get that this is considered David Lynch’s to be his weakest film. But it did give us the divine Miss Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulan (and Amanda’s heart went crunch in interesting ways), and a very young Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides. Again something about his screen presence manages to mae him a very beautiful person to watch…though nothing at all in comparison to Virginia…(I may have a problem)

Jonathan Brandis – Marcus Wolenczak (SeaQuest):

I’m sorry but straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, whatever. If you say you didn’t smile when this kid came on-screen back in the 90’s you’re a damned liar. He wasn’t nearly as annoying as Wesley Crusher, was at least funny to watch, and actually had some genuinely good on-screen chemistry with Roy Scheider.

Jason Carter – Marcus Cole (Babylon 5):

It’s very hard to think of a more tragic science fiction character than the Ranger, Marcus Cole. His entire family is wiped out by a Shadow attack on his home colony. He spends his whole remaining life in one battle or another, while enduring an unrequited love for Susan Ivanova. Who he sacrifices his own life to save in the final episode of season 4. Sometimes funny, sometimes violent, always heartbreaking to watch on screen, Jason Carter managed the impossible with this character. He made someone so tragic even Shakespeare would have thrown his hands up and screamed “No, enough, this guy needs a fucking break!” utterly believable, and a person you cared for. He was also kinda nice to look at.

Keith Hamilton Cobb – Tyr Anasazi (Andromeda):

Andromeda after Kevin Sorbo took the reins had it’s problems, which can be summed up thus…

Season 1 (Pre-Sorbo) = Utter Badassness, great storyline, amazing concept, un-fucking-believable opening theme.

Season 2 onwards = Utter Badassness, okayish theme…..uh guys what the fuck happened to the rest?

Seriously from season 2 onwards the show is so different it’s genuinely jarring to watch season 1 again afterwards. But despite this one thing that stayed a pretty good constant throughout  was the sheer awesomeness of all the characters when taken individually. And no-one typifies this better than Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr. Seriously. First of all just look at him. Would you want him against you? I mean seriously, would you even dream of fucking with that guy?

Jamie Bamber – Lee Adama (Battlestar Galactica Reboot):

Come on, you knew I was gonna sneak a little Starbuck in here somewhere. But this segment is about Jamie Bamber back when he stepped in to the big boy boots of Captain Lee Adama. First off, he’s a pretty boy. He really is (you know until the short period of “fat” Apollo in I think it was season 3, but the less said about that the better.) pretty, and he somehow manages to find an infinite supply of hair-gel while in exile in deep space, which makes him kind of amazing. And his best friend is FRAKKING STARBUCK! Now tell me sh….I mean he’s not worth watching.

And folks that’s your lot apart from one thing. When I wrote about Andromeda I mentioned that in Season 1 it had an amazing opening theme which was changed for a “more of the same” type theme. Well because you had the patience to read through to here, as a special treat, here it is. The full version of my favourite television theme of all time, “March of the High Guard”.

2 Responses to “My Top Ten Most Beautiful Men of – Science Fiction and Fantasy.”

  1. Ahlàlà, Marcus Cole (Babylon 5), I love him !


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