Okay, it’s official, I’m broken.

I slept precisely no hours last night. None, nadda, zip, zilch…not a lot. The reasons are varied, and disgusting. The end result though is that there will only be this very short post today. When this episode of infinitely worse than normal blurkness started I was able to keep ahead of myself where my writing output is concerned, but that was six weeks ago.

Well over the past two weeks I’ve been gradually falling behind because I simply can not concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. Not to mention my creativity has decided to take a holiday. Be this a lesson to all you fellow bloggers, write ahead.

Anyway I’m going to get in to a sleeping bad, cuddle a puppy, and try to ignore how my body feels like it’s trying to fly apart at the seams. For those who get bored with their families I’ll be back with my regular Tuesday post, on Christmas Day.

4 Comments to “Okay, it’s official, I’m broken.”

  1. Enjoy the warmth of the puppy. snuggle in tight and try hard as it is to totally clear your mind. Do your best at catching up on some much needed rest even if that means dozing off for 10 – 15 minutes at a time. Find a mate to head off to a health food store and pick up some Melatonin. Might help in getting you the sleep you need.
    Best of luck, hope you can get enough rest that you are able to enjoy the holidays.

  2. Sending hugs and warm, healing wishes your way.

    • Thanks Vic, I’m doing a lot better now, I’m knackered because I didn’t sleep again last night. But I think it’s just an insomnia pattern establishing, so I can make adjustments now to deal with it. Makes a big difference knowing that.

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