Video Blog delayed…instead have a look at the future.

As you probably/maybe/could possibly know my video blog goes up the last Thursday of each month. Well with how sick I’ve been for the past fortnight I simply haven’t been well enough to do it. Staying out of bed for more than a few hours at a time has been a struggle much less writing, recording, and editing a video blog.

So this means you’re going to get two vlogs next month instead, just as soon as I can wave goodbye to by current best porcelain friend.

Anyway in the mean time to hold you over I thought I would share some of the unfinished art from my upcoming webcomic AcidGirl. My future webcomic is the one thing I have been able to work on has been this long running, and repeatedly delayed project. But right now I’m finally finding myself on top of it. Please bear in mind that these are  just my sketch pad rough ups, they have zero shading, or other refinements done. In fact these have yet to be scanned, or worked through my PC.

The roughed out first appearance of the character Carl (Knower) Orton. Hope you like it Sean, and yes, I’m sorry but he’s bald.

I’ve used the extra time I took to work on my drawing, as an opportunity to work on the story as well, and I’m pretty happy with the resulting outline. I have the first 18 months planned out, and as things stand I hope to have two pages per week, One on Wednesday, one on Friday.

The very first panel I ever drew…

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the artwork, and I’ll see you all again on Saturday for our regular dose of randomness.

2 Comments to “Video Blog delayed…instead have a look at the future.”

  1. Love it huny!!! Got your txt 2day but no credit, end of the month you know your self!!! Wow your drawing has come on loads, I so cant wait to see the comic!!! I hope your well babe, we so need to hook up soon!! Cant wait for a good catch up!!!XXXXX

    • Thanks Sean, glad you liked it. Ya, I’ve been working really hard on my drawing, I still have some very bad days with it, but it’s getting closer to where I want it to be. And yup, we do need to get together, if only my health would settle for more than an hour or two.

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