Little Ruminations on Movies – DVD collecting.

I’m a collector, I love to gather collections of things. Though my Partner in Crime would probably describe me more as a hoarder, or a packrat. (remember those words the next time I save one of her family from being without the internet with my collection of spare PC parts.) In the past I collected books.

Yes, honest to goodness paper books. The kind that people seem to have decided should be replaced with digital copies.  *sigh* But this post isn’t about my strong feelings on that particular topic. Anyway, I used to collect books, and after I moved to my current home, I realised that I had to have a clear out. I went from about 650 books to just over 100. It killed me. I loved my books, a lot of them had been with me for most of my adult life, and not a few for my entire childhood as well.

But it was a salve to my collectors soul that my DVD movie collection was still intact, still mine, and still very, very portable.

I have about 120 movies in my collection, but in addition to these I have a box set collection, including Babylon 5, The West Wing, and Andromeda to name a few. It represents a couple of thousand hours of televisual entertainment. It covers everything from political satire, to war movies, to horror, hell there may even be a romantic comedy in there somewhere. It’s a pretty decent collection for a girl who refuses point blank to pay full price for any DVD.

Of course it does come with one big problem. I’ve watched every single last one of them. And while my joyful, OCD riddled heart is normally delighted to watch the same stuff over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and *deeeeeep breath* over again, right now it’s not. I’m feeling truly awful these days, an since that means I’m pretty much housebound I feel a really serious need for new things to watch…

Yeah, that’s not happening. Guess I’ll watch Lord of the Rings again.

2 Comments to “Little Ruminations on Movies – DVD collecting.”

  1. Must come watch the Lord of the Rings with you. Only saw it in the cinema many years ago and don’t think I really appreciated or enjoyed it properly. So was thinking last week when seeing the Hobbit being advertised in the cinema that I really must watch the other movies again. Xx

    • Yeah they’re movies that I felt were too big to be properly appreciated in one sitting at the cinema. I know when I saw them I came out so kind of addled by the sheer amount of action on the screen that I just turned around and went straight back in.


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