Little Ruminations on Homekeeping – Decorating

Well I’ve decided that there is in fact something I hate more than soap operas. Painting living rooms. Yes, that’s right Amanda, spent the past two days cleaning, and painting her living room. Two whole days sticking of emulsion, and gloss paint, straining muscles moving furniture that should just be left where it lies ’til the end of time. In short, the past two days have been a frikkin’ nightmare.

That said, it’s hard to choose what I hate the most about decorating.
It could be the smells. The slightly sour smell of the emulsion, the nose searing scent of white spirits. Or the cloying nastiness of the gloss paint you spent the past two hours using on the skirting boards and doors.

I could, I suppose, be the knowledge that you have to first empty the room. Then shift around heavy furniture. Only to have to rebuild the room ten hours later when the gloss has finally dried.

But really I think the worst part of it all is when everything’s done. It’s the following morning, and you come down stairs rubbing sleep from your eyes. You walk in to your living room, switch on the lights, and there it all is.


Everywhere uneven spots on the messed up 300-year-old walls, shed hairs from the paint brushes forever embedded in the paint. And worst of all, dog hairs giving the whole room that attractive, slightly fuzzy look.

Yes the worst part of decorating isn’t the decorating. It’s the fact that no matter how hard you try, that bloody room will never be quite right.

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