Little Ruminations on having a cold – So much mucus!

This week has been a red-letter week. For the first time both my Partner in Crime, and myself have come down with coldish illnesses. She with a vicious chest infection, I on the other hand, have a sinus infection with a cough.

However what we both have are unending rivers of mucus flowing from our faces. Which leads to me ask the following question.

How in the hell does the human body create so much sticky mess?

No really, I’m asking. After three days of constant nose blowing, and cough I feel like I’ve brought up half my own body weight in slime. The worst being when I lie down to sleep. Sleep, HAH! What’s sleep?

Between my PiC being up, and down the whole night. My sore throat. And us both leaking liberally from our faces, we both only vaguely remember what sleep feels like.

So right now my regular readers are probably expecting me to come out with five, or six suggestions for how to cope with having a cold, or chest infection. Well I do have two good hints, which I share sincerely from the heart. And here it is.

1: Don’t catch one.

2: If you do, make sure you’re own PiC isn’t coughing, sneezing, snarling, splutering, and leaking at the same time.

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