Little Ruminations on Food – I Thought I hated it.

I can still, vaguely, remember my first time in a McDonalds. I was maybe 4 years old, living in west Mayo, and on a visit home to Cork to spend some time with my Moms family. Anyway in, what I imagine was, an effort to separate my brother and I, from our cousins for a few hours of blessed peace, Mom took us to Maccy-D’s in Cork City.

This was about 30 years ago, and I had a cheeseburger.

This article is not about how I thought I hated McDonalds food. Though I still truly loathe it, I really do.

No this is about how McDonalds was responsible for my thinking I hated pickled gherkin. You see, just in case you’ve either been living under a rock for the past several decades, or are Hindu, most burgers in most fast food chains include a single, thin, sad, pathetic, rotten tasting piece of what they claim to be pickled gherkin. And because of that singular piece of revolting organic crap I spent the next 25 years thinking that I hated pickles.

I didn’t, I hated fake pickles. Fake pickles that tasted horribly sweet, and somewhat like the way that rotten boiled cabbage smells. It was only when I had started hormone treatments, and was beset with lots of often quite insane food cravings that I discovered what real pickles taste like.

In a two words…


So what’s the point of this post? Why gentle reader simply this. If you think you hate a food, maybe you should try a different brand, or type. Because it may well be that some soulless, low grade evil has misled you into thinking you hate something, that actually you’ll love.

In my mind that’s Tim Curry under the make-up. (Image via )

8 Comments to “Little Ruminations on Food – I Thought I hated it.”

  1. You’ve prompted me to try proper picked gerkins now.. lol

  2. I totally agree! I didn’t know I liked them until I tried fresh, crunchy pickle. NOM.

  3. Until I started reading this post a few minutes ago, I was utterly convinced that I hate pickled gherkins. For one thing, they always remind me of snozzcumbers. But mayyyyybe I could be persuaded to give one a go now. It could change my life!

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