Little Ruminations on Television – Three more years of Top Gear.

Well it’s official, Top Gear has a new sponsorship deal, and so will be with us for at least three more years. I stunned by my not being utterly overjoyed, Top gear is one of my favorite slices of television cake. But lately that cake has started to taste more than a little stale. I’m sure most people who watch the show regularly love the mixture of comedy, fast cars,and insane challenges. I know I do. But how long can they keep this going before people start switching off in their millions?

Don’t take me wrong in this, Top Gear is still entertaining. But, and it’s a very big “but”, am I the only one finding the challenges are becoming a tired cliché? Yes, back when they started them they were genuinely exciting. I still love to watch the one where Clarkson somehow manages to drive from London(ish) to the most northerly point of Britain, AND back on one tank of diesel. There’s genuine comedy, and tension in that little adventure. And in many of those that followed. But now the newer challenges seem to have become cartoonish parodies of themselves.

I won’t even go into the one-off New Years specials except to say that while the first one, the Polar adventure, was something truly special, and the Botswana adventure was really fun, the rest have felt like 90 minutes of “some television.” As for last years Indian one…that one was just painfully embarrassing to watch.

So where am  going with this?

I do still love Top Gear. I used to watch “old” Top Gear when I was a teen, and I’ll probably watch “new” Top Gear ’til the day that they finally pull the plug. But I wish that they would stop trying to out-do themselves. Don’t stop the challenges but make them have a little more sense of reality perhaps? Do show us those pretty supercars, but how about a serious review (by which I mean don’t turn the review into a piss-take of itself) of a normal car that I might someday be able to afford each week? And for the love of all that is unholy, please not always the fucking Ford Mondeo.

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