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A miserable girls thoughts on – not messing up your recovery.

Yesterday I felt better. Really I did. The world was spinning much more slowly, I wasn’t alternating constantly between far too hot, and way too cold. Hell I had even returned to my normal healthy pallor, by which I of course mean I was pale as death, with slightly dark circles under my eyes. This being a vast improvement on the feverish rosy cheeks I’d suffered through the previous 10 days. Seriously, who could take a gothgirl with rosy cheeks seriously?

So I went out for a couple of hours. I needed to see the doctor about a prescription, and with the Force of Nature staying on Sunday night I decided we needed a couple of new kiddies movies (and the new Andromeda Strain, but she won’t be left watch that.). Of course by 1pm I was far too cold, had a splitting headache, and was shaking so much I could barely stand. That was when I realised the following things.

When you’re recovering from a viral infection, which has decided that your sinus is it’s Club Med (that’s still a thing right?), it’s a bad idea to forget to carry tissue. No-one needed to see what happened when I sneezed on my way back to the car.

A bacon double cheeseburger, with half a serving of fries (the Force of Nature was with us…) for breakfast at 12pm, after you took no medications, is probably contraindicated at the best of times. But when you’re still playing host to a visiting group of viral dignitaries…hmmmm. It was delicious though.

However the first sign that you should probably have had that extra day in bed though is when you grab hold of a random persons chest to stop yourself falling over in HMV. She was very nice about it though, even if she was a little taken aback.

For some reason, when I’m walking as fast as I can to get back in to the car, with a handful of gloop, THAT’S when a rather cute lil emogirl will decide to walk up, and randomly ask me out. Unfortunately, I genuinely do have shoes older than her.

And finally…

When you finally get home, nothing is quite as good a friend to you as that wonderful pairing of a hot water bottle, and a fistful of Solphadeine. One warms you up, and makes a wonderful soothing pillow for your fever, and headache riddled head. The other means you get to giggle at the fairies, while slaughtering fucked up creatures from the netherworld of other people’s nightmares. Or maybe that’s just me.

Going to be a good girl now and go back to bed for a few hours. Gotta take it easy today, or at least until my boyfriend arrives.




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