A miserable girls thoughts on – the flu.

Yeah I have the flu. I’ve had it since Friday, it’s now 8am on Tuesday, and I still feel like hammered shit. So in the interests of spreading the misery I thought I’d share a few random thoughts which have flitted through my mind with the subtlety of a drunken elephant over the past few days. Enjoy.

10. Why is it that when you blow your nose you’re instantly drawn to look at what just came out? I mean really what do we expect to see staring back at us?

 9. Why do people think that chicken soup is good when you’re sick? I don’t ever want chicken soup. No strike that, I don’t ever want soup. When I have the flu what I want is a caring slavegirl, with a concerned expression on her face, getting me hot drinks, and finding episodes of The Big Bang Theory on telly for my amusement.

 8. No I don’t want fucking oranges either. That’s called locking the barn door, AFTER the horse has bolted.

7. When the room is spinning really quickly around your head, why doesn’t it make a “whooshing” noise? Or that “diddley-diddley-diddley” noise from scene changes in the Adam West Batman series? It kind of seems like it should.

6. Why is it that no-one wants to kiss you when blow snot-bubbles every time you breathe out? (Never mind I think I answered that for myself.)

5. How in the hell can you be so cold that not even a duvet, electric blanket, and hot water bottle can’t warm you up, but still sweat so much that the sheets try to peel off the bed with you as you get up?

4. How come while my sinuses are blocked with runny, sticky, gloopy stuff, as soon as I blow my nose my nostrils are as dry as a camel’s arsehole? So dry that they crack, and bleed a little. And is this what it’s like after you do coke? ‘Cause if so, why the hell does anyone want to?

3. It’s not funny when you blow your nose straight through the tissue, and onto your hands. It really isn’t.

2. It’s also not funny when you sneeze, and your body responds by letting just a little wee leak out. It’s even less funny when that wee is joined by a loud, foul-smelling fart. And infinitely less funny when they’re both joined by a little squirt of diarrhea. So, why does my body sometimes insist on sneezing from every orifice at once?

1. Why can’t I stay awake for more than twenty minutes at a time? Why do I keep falling asle…..plugh.

2 Comments to “A miserable girls thoughts on – the flu.”

  1. see this post was genius right until the line with the unneccessary urinating and all. which kind of put me off.

    but ignoring that, this really amused me thank you.
    found you on blogroll:)

    • Three points.

      1: My blog is written for two sets of people. My readers, and me. If some of my readers don’t like my humour, well tough, because it’s MY blog, and that post was written to amuse me. If it amused my readers that’s a bonus.

      2: I wrote that part because it has really been happening to me for days now. As I wrote in a couple of articles on having bowel problems, uncontrollable bowel and bladder control is a problem for me. So unlike a lot of people I choose not to curl up in a ball and cry. Instead I choose to see the humour in it, and share that humour. If you don’t like it, move on, and don’t waste your breath criticizing it. (I only comment on that criticism this one time to have it on the record that I don’t care. My blog, my voice, my way. If you don’t like tough taataa’s move on, there are plenty of uptight people who have blogs out there. I on the other hand intend to make as many pee and poop jokes as I feel like. And just you wait til I start on the unwanted erection and ejaculation stories.)

      3: Do not post a link to your blog in a comment on mine. Unless it links directly to something relevant to the article you’re commenting on I will just edit it out (and yes I do check). There IS a link to your blog as part of your avatar. Adding more is just rude.

      Otherwise thank you for having the interest to comment, and bothering to find me through blogroll, however check the stiff neck at the door.

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