Sick again, this is the pits.

After two weeks of feeling at least a little better than usual my body has finally fallen over again, this time with a resounding crash. End result is that where I had intended to finish a post for today yesterday, I actually ended up sleeping most of the day, and did precisely no work.

So yup, that means no real post today. Enjoy your weekend folks, and catch you all on Tuesday.




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2 Comments to “Sick again, this is the pits.”

  1. So sorry you’re poorly babe. Hope the weekend brings some relief.

    • So far I just feel worse, and worse. But since it’s the flu it’ll get as bad as it’s going to get soon, and then I’ll recover pretty fast. *shrugs* Not as if I’m wasting my bed time though, I’ve been lying here plotting out the small details in current novel I’m working on, and roughing out the next one too. 🙂

      OCD accept no alternative. 😉

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