Let’s talk bikini trimming…

After 8 years I recently came into the possession of my first every bikini trimmer. This is a little weird when you consider that for me hairlessness is one of the yummiest of the most delicious states. Yes, yes, I know that hairless girls (of any variety) remind you of a child, and going down…there when someone is hairless makes me akin to….no screw that.

Look let’s make this simple. I hate getting my teeth flossed when I’m kissing a partners fun bits. I loathe getting clothing fluff in my mouth. I abhor how it feels against my face. It’s easier to keep clean, and to keep smelling nice. And it’s just frikkin’ prettier, period. Besides I’ve never understood girls who have down there pierced and tattooed, only to let all that work be covered up with wild uncontrolled growth.

Well anyway I finally found a bikini trimmer in my hands, and I have to say so far I love it. I’m going to use a short list of why, but without mentioning brands. Because from what I can find in my research on the topic these seem to be nearly universal.

1: No matter how tight you trim you’re probably not going to cut yourself. This is seriously not a minor consideration when you’re a girl of the Futa variety, as very little can ruin your day like taking a chunk out of your Miss Happy with a razor.

2: No need to replace the blades constantly. Here’s the thing if your like me you’ve just shaved your legs, and then realised that you kind of look a little, um, Librarian, down there. So you shave there. Of course all this shaving means that you now have one very dead blade. So you change the blade before shaving under your arms. Only to find that your blades must have been against something hot that has melted something on them, or warped them, or otherwise made them as safe to use for a close shaving as a guillotine.

For those who aren’t Discworld fans, this is the Librarian…

Now enter the trimmer. It doesn’t need its blades replacing. Just clean the blasted things after each use and you’re good to go.

3: Speaking of legs, and underarms it’ll shave those too.

4: You can use it in the shower, which means a whole lot less irritation.

5: And with irritation in mind. How many of you have shaved the whole of down there? Most of you I would imagine, I think it’s one of those things we’ve all done at one stage or another. Well if you have then you probably experienced first the sheer sensuality of how it felt when you’d finished. Smooth, clean, moisturised (you did moisturise, right?). Just delicious. And then you pulled on a pair of satin panties and thought you’d died and gone to heaven. Of course two days later, or the next day if you’re really unlucky, the mind rending itching started…Isn’t that the pits?

Well that doesn’t seem happen with these trimmers.

6: apparently neither do the ingrown hairs.

7: Or the infections they cause.

8: There are really good but very cheap ones available. Seriously, for once there are budget options of something that work!

9: Personal one this. I feel 100% more feminine, and more attractive afterwards. Nothing makes me feel less attractive than my body hair. Pre-transition I was kind of shaggy. No big deal when you’re pretending to be a boy, but a nightmare when you’re embracing your more female nature. While most of that body hair has just vanished in the past decade, the pubic area…not so much. And well, let’s put it this way shall we? Futa bits are WAY  prettier bare, and when they’re tied with nice breasts, good hips, and a great ass, they actually manage to look really female. I know that’s a weird thing to say but they do. And this is all in part thanks to a good trim.

10: Finally I don’t know about other people’s trimmers, but mine is very vibrate, umm, eee, at the non-cutting end. Just saying. For no reason what-so-ever.

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