Webcomic One-Shot – For Sanctuary?

So there I was playing Diablo 3. I was kicking ass, and truly not bothering to take numbers. When a random person from my Warcraft friend list joined my game.

“Cool,” I thought, “More firepower!”

You see they too were playing a Demon Hunter. Yeeeeeeaaah, as it turns out they’re a Rapid Fire spammer. The Spider Queen ate us.


Yes those are an Orc and Gnome from Azeroth. Actually the Orc is Kitami my huntress, and the Gnome is Phylius who I played for 30 seconds one day, before deciding I didn’t want to play a hobbit.

In other news, my webcam arrived so my first video blog should be going up soon. Anyway enjoy the weekend, and see you all again on Tuesday.

2 Comments to “Webcomic One-Shot – For Sanctuary?”

  1. I don’t know the game stuff. But I’m looking forward to your vlog.

    • Yeah the gamer webcomic was a personal indulgence. And I sneaky way to get in some practice drawing people.

      Thanks Vic, I’m rather looking forward to recording it. I’m hoping to do it later this week. Though my having a really nasty kidney infection is definitely making that somewhat unlikely. 😦

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