Amanda needs a break, so linkstorm day 1.

Well I spent the past week in my home town minding my mom. She had just had a minor surgery, and needed some TLC along with a bit of DIY. So this combined with my getting a copy of Diablo 3 means that I want a short break from writing serious blogs. In the spirit of this I’m going to post a linkstorm today, and Saturday. Then back to normal Tuesday, and I hope my first ever video blog on Thursday of next week. So fingers crossed.

Anyway these are a few bits from the interwebs that have caught my eye in the past few weeks. So enjoy!

Bif Naked rocks!

I normally don’t do the browser game thing, and I know I am WAAAAAAY behind the times on this but I adore this game. It kept be semi-sane in Cork last week.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal!

I always loved Labyrinth, after watching this review by the very cute Nostalgia Chich I love it even more. “Package!”

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