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What’s the point of being…

While going through my search engine statistics for the past week I cam across a search that drew me up short. One person had asked Google, “what is the point of being lesbian”. Well I’m going to ask another question in reply.

What’s the point of being anything?

This sort of question is a personal bugbear of mine. This strange belief that people who exist outside of any way of living, seem to believe that there has to be a point to it.

You may as well ask “What’s the point of being…




a beagle,

or how about the 300 lb gorilla in the room, straight?

Life, or any way of living it only has meaning on a personal level. Living according to the dictates of a mouldering, evil small-minded, bigoted, serial concealer of paedophiles seems pointless to me. But a simply huge number of Christians seem to feel there’s a point to it.

And before I get lynched for having a pop at Catholicism, I regularly get pointed informed by Christians of all stripes that it’s pointless of me to believe in fairy stories because I’m Pagan, and believe in Athena. Again, pointless to them, but has meaning to me.

As I think I’ve just proven (probably haven’t but that’s the sort fo thing writers are expected to say) Religion is a good framework to discuss this, though probably too loaded with pissy, cultural baggage. So for that matter would be sexuality, at least right now. So let’s try something more user-friendly instead. Let’s try kids cartoons.

When I was in my teens, cartoon fans seemed to be broken into two main camps in my school. On one side there were those who loved the Johnny Bravo style of cartoon. And on the other there were the X-Men style fans. I came down on the latter side of the debate.

I simply couldn’t see the point in watching a program that had no story-arc, had such childish drawings, and characters. And in truth I couldn’t see the point of a cartoon that lacked characters you could ummmm, “fap” to fantasies about later. (Gimme a break I was 14, and my testosterone stream only had small amounts of blood in it.)

Can’t we all just agree that Rogue is her own reason?

But I had friends who just didn’t see the point in watching a show where you had to put effort into watching it. Where if you missed a storyline you could potentially end up confused later in the series when they refered back to it. And in the words of one of those friends “Not even Rogue makes it worth all the effort.” Sacrilege of course, Rogue in any form is always worth the effort, but I did see his point.

So Amanda, where the hell are you going with this?

As I said life, any part of life, only has any real meaning from a very personal point of view. Literally through your own eyes. Some people break laws because…why bother? What’s the point? While most people don’t, I like to think because they see the point of us all obeying the same set of rules for mutual benefit.

Some people love a fast car, some don’t see the point.

Some people love superhero movies, some don’t see the point.

Some worship, some have children, some have great careers, some change the world, and some die by their own hand. Each due to their own personal perspective on the pointedness or pointlessness of the various aspects that make up each of our lives.

Is there a point to being lesbian? Or bisexual? Or pansexual? Or polyamorous? Or monogamous? Or straight? Or into the extreme hotness that are futagirls?

Yes, but it’s probably not really something you can understand, unless you’ve experienced it, despite the point actually being the same for any type of relationship. I think it always boils down to one sentence in the end. We all need to be loved, by the ones we love, whatever gender they may be.

And before anyone else says it, yes I agree…but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun. *waves at my partners, I’ll let ye imagine what I’m waving.*

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