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When Mommy is Unwell.

So this weekend my mother went into hospital. It was sudden, very unexpected, and in no small part due to my living on the other side of the country, stressful as hell. As I write this she is in fact still there.

Anyway, this whole episode has made me realise just how much I worry about my mom. Not surprising really I suppose, she is 60, has ill-health almost as profound as mine, and lives alone, though admittedly within 3 minutes walk of two of her sisters, and one of her nieces. Although not that it really helps all that much, because the thing is that while they are there, I’m not. And I won’t be until this Saturday coming.

This is quite the switching of roles. My mother has spent most of my life worrying about my health. And now more than ever before I really get what that worry is like. I’ve lost so much sleep this weekend to my worries. I never really managed to relax. In fact last night my Partner in Crime, and I watched Captain America for the first time, but I’m buggered if I can remember very much of it. Because while I was watching it I kept worrying about my mom.

I guess that this post is really an angsting session. A way to let out at least a little of the stress I’m feeling before I implode. ‘Cause I’m just really worried about my mom.

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