Webcomic One-Shot – Ireland’s Littlest Hobo.

As I wrote about on Tuesday, my Partner in Crime’s daughter’s dog went missing last weekend. I also wrote that I would finish the story today. And so I have. Please play the music, and then read this Webcomic One-Shot while singing along. You know you want to.


Only the Rats and dead body are fictional, though who can tell what he did while on his little adventure.


2 Comments to “Webcomic One-Shot – Ireland’s Littlest Hobo.”

  1. LOL, too cute!! The music makes it even better, that song will be in me head all day!! 🙂

    • Then my plan is working. Soon hundreds of people desperate to get rid of that music will claw their way to my door and pledge undying fealty to me, on the promise of a non-existant cure….crap I think I said too much.

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