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Webcomic One-Shot – Spider Holocaust.

As my regular readers know by now, I’m an aspiring webcomic artist. But because of a serious loss in my basic skills I ended up putting that particular dream on an indefinite hold. But I’ve worked pretty solidly on a lot of skills for almost a year, hours spent drawing anything I could think of, writing out dialogue, and then reducing it to its core minimum, practicing using my graphics tablet, and so on. There’s a surprising amount that goes in to producing web art, and a lot of it are things you’d never expect. For example, did you know that with some older graphics tablets you’re supposed to sort of sharpen the nibs on the pens? Neither did I.

One of my previous efforts.

Anyway while my drawing skills are still nowhere near where I ultimately want them to be, they have improved a great deal, and so today I show what a lot of hard work can achieve. I’m not completely happy with it, I am after all a perfectionist by nature, and “good enough” is never good enough for me. But I am delighted with my progress over the past few months.

Some improvement, not a long way to go yet.

And so with some small modicum of pride I present for your enjoyment, and potential ridicule.

Spider Holocaust!

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