The bells, the bells…I mean the buses, the buses!

So the house move is finished. Everything I own is in a rather lovely (very old) new house. And while it’s a very pleasant, comfortable place to be I can’t help but find myself feeling sad. ‘Cause as much as I’ve looked forward to this move, and all the pluses that come with it, (much more space, a better location for someone who relies almost completely on regular public transport being just two of many) I now find myself missing the things I did love about my last place.

But let’s be methodical about this shall we?

More space – True there’s a lot more space here. Unfortunately that also means more hassle finding the right place for everything I own. Which leads me to missing how everything already had its place in my old apartment.

Huge fireplace – Yup we have a huge one here. Unfortunately that means there’s no oil, or gas-fired central heating. And that means no instant heat. I miss feeling cold and just being able to flip a switch, knowing that in a few minutes I’ll be toasty warm.

Much more secure parking for my partner in crime – We have off-street parking here, in fact we have enough off-street parking for 6-8 cars, depending on size. This is frankly fantastic for planning parties. Unfortunately because the parking isn’t secured this also means large numbers of weird ass strangers parking their cars in what amounts to our back garden.

Town with more life – This one’s mostly a plus, it’s easier to get anything I need, and I don’t feel in any way cut off here. But it also means that I have to put up with people staring in at me through my front room window while they wait for a bus…If I ever walk through the house naked there are going to be a LOT of confused bus patrons.

Which leads nicely to a huge plus for me, but also as it turns out a real pain in my ass.

There’s a bus stop, and a bus every 12-15 minutes right outside my front door – Which is great for someone who doesn’t drive. Fantastic from the point of view of my friends actually being able to come out to see me. However it also means that I have large groups of bus passengers milling about outside what will be my workshop/music room before much longer. It also means that all day, and half night long, all I can hear outside my window is bus, after bus, after bus, pulling up, revving its engine, and then pulling away. *sigh*

You’d never guess that I’m actually very happy here would you? Well anyway as a part of my first video blog I’ll be giving you all a guided tour of selected parts of my new home, as soon as they’re no longer dumping grounds for everything we have yet to unpack.

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