The ten most awesome things about being – Lesbian.

You’ll read plenty in the media about how hard it is to be lesbian, or gay, or well anything really to do with being any part of the LGBT world. But there are loads of things about being lesbian that are frankly awesome. This list is just a few of those I’ve experienced myself.

10. Everyone loves a nice chest for a pillow. I think that boobs are natures way of making up for all the crap that goes with being human. Stress, have some boobs. Illness, have some boobs. Your wife left you, your dog died, and your business is going under, have some boobs…though you may have to pay for them in this case.

9. The only thing better than one pair of boobs in a bed is two. Do I really need to spell this one out?

8. Your partner knows exactly what you mean. Think about all the miscommunications between partners in heterosexual relationships. So many of them caused simply because the guy doesn’t know what “Okay.” or “It’s fine!” means. Not as much of a problem in a lesbian relationship. Although it does mean that you do tend to know precisely how deep the shit you’re in is.

7. Just by existing you belong to worldwide community, the LGBT community. And sure some of them are assholes, but mostly they’re awesome, wrapped up tight in a bow made from pure amazing.

6. You get to fancy Velma Dinkley.

Well hey there.

5. When someone shouts “Dykes!” at you, and your special lady on the street, as if it were an insult rather than a statement of fact. You get to shout back “Obviously!” with just the right amount of sarcasm in your voice.

4. and speaking of special ladies, is there anything better than a really beautiful girl, on her knees, gazing lovingly up at you, begging you to be her Miss? Well, maybe being the girl on her knees, gazing up lovingly, and begging someone to be your Miss, I suppose it all really depends on your point of view…

3. You get to shop in both the women’s, and the mens section of your local department store. Mix the results, and still look fabulous.

2. You get to show Willow and Tara to people to explain to people who don’t understand why being lesbian and in love is a wonderful, loving thing to be. And most especially how it’s not what porn movies would have you believe. I mean honestly we only do half that stuff for birthdays, and special occasions. Well anyway enjoy the video, hopefully you won’t end up in tears like I do every time Tara tells Willow that she is hers. *melts* [youtube:

And at number 1…

You can still grow, change, and discover things about yourself which you may have suspected but denied for your whole life, because it frightened you too much. You can through living a life that is only partially accepted find the courage to face painful truths about who, and what you are.

This is a list of awesome things about being lesbian, the most awesome thing about my being lesbian is that it has helped me to find what I needed to be able to write this. I’m bisexual, proud to be so, and I would never have reached the point of being able to publicly say that without having lived as a lesbian for so long. So I guess this is me coming out, again.

6 Comments to “The ten most awesome things about being – Lesbian.”

  1. I’m proud of myself. I got as far as “I found you” before I started bawling. 15 minutes in and I’m a puffy-faced, red-eyed snotmonster. Damn you!

  2. Also, I can see through the fog that has somehow built up on my glasses that you appear to have done some Official Coming Outs. Congrats 🙂

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