A short, unexpected trip to Cork.

As you may, or may not know, last weekend was my 34th birthday. That’s right, your intrepid blogger Amanda Harper is getting old. But sometimes she still just wants her mommy. And one of those times is definitely at her birthday. That being the case I had planned to travel down to my hometown on Thursday. But considering how bad I’ve felt every day this week I decided I would be better staying where I was, and being buried where I fell.

Enter my heroine, my partner in crime, my Mistress. Yesterday she decided we were going to drive down to my hometown for a couple of days break before the true insanity of the upcoming moving of houses starts. Besides it would mean that I would get to see my mom within a week of my birthday, thus helping me to not break a tradition I’ve kept since I moved out of home.

This is all by way of my saying in a particularly long-winded fashion, no real post today. Sorry. I didn’t expect to be down here, so I though I’d have the chance to type up something thought-provoking, inspiring, or hell just another top ten list of ridiculously hot women. Well anyway have a great weekend, and see you on Tuesday.

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