A night spent with the Steampunks.

On last Saturday night (25th Feb) I managed to attend an event I had much anticipated for the previous two months. That event was of course Belle Agogo’s Steampunk Night No.3. This was a night filled with delicious burlesque, and even a remarkable boy-lesque, acts. A night that saw the triumphant return of the unstoppable Professor Elemental. And of course a night which saw each of us, the beautiful audience, dressed to the nines in only the very finest of our steampunk finery.

Hosted by the beautiful, room filling personality of Miss Bella Agogo, the night went off to my eyes at least without a single hitch. This of course not counting as a hitch, the spilling of his pint of Guinness by Professor Elemental. I merely count that as a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions. Each act (please note I was after taking pain meds to be able to attend so the order of the acts may not be wholly accurate here. My memories are a little swiss cheesed. Damn those medications, and their blasted cheese!)  followed seamlessly by the next. The hilarious Phil Tgorgeous gave us his best Victorian vagabond, then to be followed seamlessly by the wonderful Lucy Rhinehart, and Foxy P.Cox‘s interestingly…revealing portrayal of the “Theft of Ariel’s voice” scene from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

We were then treated to the delightful boy-lesque stylings of Jonas Wal, as his Victorian gent enjoyed a quick recorded lesson in the art of Burlesque dancing. Following this came our hostess with her hilarious explanation of how a steampunk heroine makes a good cup of tea. For those who don’t already know it involves overly complicated machinery, complete with more tubing than your lower intestines, which of course is powered by steam. And apparently laughter.

In the second half of the evening we were also treated to a beautiful, and very moving dance routine by Lilly DeValle, this act was a triumph. Being quite a sad piece it could have so easily broken the flow of the evening, instead it proved to be the perfect counterpoint to everything else that came both before, and after.

Now we get to the special guest for the evening, Professor Elemental. Now, there is a man who knows how to work an audience, and especially how to play to a local crowd. References of Barry’s Tea abounded. Raps about the vagaries of British life filled our ears. Even one which seemed to this listener to amount to nothing more than an apology for the English habit of apologizing, and of course for the existence of one Piers Morgan.

And while I, a proud ukulele owner and player there of, had to restrain herself from challenging the Professor to a duel during his song “Fighting Trousers”, (It would have been unfair don’t you see? I was armed to the teeth and all he had was a pipe.) I must admit that I am a new convert to the church of Professor Elemental. Though I will continue to also listen to a certain ukulele playing rhymer I’m afraid. After all we uker’s have to stick together in this cruel, and harsh world.


So in closing how would I rate this night?

Way above expectations, and I had bloody high expectations to begin with. The acts were all well thought out, and beautifully performed. Each was just the right type of funny, or moving to sweep the night along at a consistent, measured pace. The props were kept to a minimum meaning that the change over between acts was very quick, and very smooth. The acts were, well they were a frighteningly attractive group of people with one new crush definitely occurring for me that night, but that attractiveness aside they were professional, talented, and delivered not precisely what they’d promised, but far more than they’d promised in sheer entertainment, and delight.

If an Occiditis Fatuis was held to my head, and I was forced to choose a highlight from the night I would be hard pressed. But it would have to come down to either the belly dancing routine performed by Bella Agogo herself at the end of the night, or the incredibly moving piece of dance by Lilly DeValle. Both were performed with such a sense of enjoyment, and energy from the performers, that they were utterly impossible not to love, much less enjoy.

So after months of anticipation the night is done, and Capt. Lucretia Acidgurl 13th Imperial Marines (semi-retired) can hang up her Occiditis Fatuis…ummm no, not really. You see there’s going to be a fourth night, and this time I, your purple haired heroine shall be entering the Best Invention contest. After all it would inappropriate for a retired Imperial Marine Brigade armorer not to do her very best to represent her Empress while she is trapped in this benighted dimension, wouldn’t it?

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