So there’s Norse gods living in New Zealand…that explains so much.

Just when I start to fear that science fiction on the television is starting to get stale along comes something that reaffirms my faith in the messed up creativity of the human mind. Imagine New Zealand, watch Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings if you need help in doing this, though remember that the Orcs and Elfs were actually exchange students from Galway on a tear up. Now imagine that living there amongst the other normal New Zealanders are all the Norse gods, now in mortal forms, well mostly mortal at any rate. Now what if these gods, and goddesses can’t stand one another. There you are, you pretty much have The Almighty Johnson’s in a nutshell.

Just your average family of gods. (Image via

Airing on the SyFy channel every Thursday night I tuned into this hoping for something vaguely watchable. This is after all the SyFy channel, home of such televisual gems as Destination Truth, or as I think of it Destination Wonder if Humans are Smart Enough to Survive as a Species. I know, I know, their title is snappier. Well watching the first episode I didn’t expect much. Maybe a few laughs here, and there. Some of that horribly stilted action which often makes bad science fiction even more comical.

What I actually got, and what I’ve tuned in religiously every week since for, was stunning. Well written, we thought out, well acted, even the few special effects used are crisp, and well done.

In brief Axl turns 21, and is informed by his brothers, including the one who turns out to be his 90-odd year old grandfather (who looks 30), that he’s a Norse god. Odin in fact. They’re all gods too, oh and there’s Norse goddesses out there as well, but well the two don’t mix very well. In fact to begin with the goddesses seem to be bent on killing Axl. Throw in a quest to find his past and future wife Frig, some of the best, funniest sex jokes I’ve seen in a very, very long time, some family soap opera styled shenanigans, and some very serious eye candy (For the prime example check out No.2 on this post, she’s also well able to act.), there you have it.

Of course all of that is a gross simplification, but rather than my spoiling all the surprises you should just tune in, and watch. If you’re a fan of mythology, and you have an open mind to new interpretations of old stories you could find yourself as pleasantly surprised as I was.

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