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Another Year Gone

Over today, and this day week I intend to post two related posts. One about the year I’ve just lived through, one about my hopes and dreams for the year to come. Today we start with the year that’s past.

This year has been one of the hardest I’ve ever lived through. It’s also, perhaps been one of the best. My health was horrific for all of it. My emotions all over the place from permanent exhaustion. I don’t remember a time where I felt more like my body was at war with me.

And yet this year I achieved a life long dream when I completed the final polish on my first novel. I even received some very positive feedback from a literary agent about it, even if she did advise me to sit on it a while until the publishing industry recovers from the recession.

I also realised that being a writer simply isn’t enough for me. I love writing, I love that side of being creative, but I need more, I need to feel fulfilled. So after a great deal of thought I have come to an understanding of what I want to be. Though more about that next week.

My relationships seem to have mostly strengthened. And I’ve welcomed new people into my life. Some far more special than others, but all precious to me none the less.

I reconnected with an ex of mine, and have high hopes of regaining my friendship with her.

My dog Winter finally stopped growing, thankfully before she became so large that there was no space left for me in the apartment. Although she now does seem to produce her own bodyweight in poop each day.

I started a blog, this blog in fact, thanks to the seemingly constant prodding from an adopted lil sister to do so, and seem to have made something of a success out of it. It certainly has helped me in improving my writing abilities.

I started three “second” novels, before finally settling on one. Expect to hear a lot about that in the New Year.

I started to learn to play a musical instrument. Found I actually have a bit of a talent for it. I’m sure you noticed, I’ve blogged a lot about it.

I lost my remaining grandfather to a grave, my remaining grandmother to a stroke.

I gave up on a lot of dreams which I can never physically achieve.

I found new dreams to replace them.

I looked inside, and found once more the need to be a Domina to and owner of someone special. Time will tell with that whether I will ever get to look down into loving, adoring, worshipping eyes again.

I found new strength to be a better slavegirl. Only time will tell if I’m going to end up permanently marked with cane stripes for being cheeky.

2011 was a good year for me. There was heartache, and pain. But over all it was filled with happiness, even if that happiness was occasionally tinged with stress, and stained with tears. I hope yours was as good, or better.

Next week my hopes, dreams, plans, and schemes for the coming year.

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