Some people love a parade, I love a broken Dell PC.

I’m tech support for my partner in crimes family. I’ve spent countless hours maintaining, rebuilding, and even on occasion resurrecting their much abused computers. Now while I do moan about it, frequently and loudly, I actually get a great deal of enjoyment from working on a poorly PC. Even more when I manage to bring a truly dead one, back to the land of the living, from the other side of the digital River Styx.

So it was with delight that Saturday morning I received from my Apprentice the gift of a broken Dell PC. I love Dell PCs. They’re well thought out. Well laid out internally. The cases are often works of organisational genius. Usually if something dies in them 90% of the time it’s the motherboard, the other 10% it’s the power supply. They’re predictable in how they go wrong. And when it comes to repairing PC’s, predictability is something to be treasured.

The great thing about this repair job though, is that it’s potentially a great opportunity to ge rid of at least some of my collection of spare parts. I have these drawers in my bedroom you see. They’re drawers filled with wonders. Wonders like spare 10-year-old power supply units, spare 5-year-old motherboards, dozens of cables of different types, sticks of ram, hell I’m pretty sure there’s even a spare PC cooling system in there somewhere. It’s also just possible that hidden in the back of one of them is a clay tablet inscribed with the true name of Glod (If you don’t get the reference, then you to read more Terry Pratchett). But they’re all rather outdated, and none of my own machines are of such a rare old vintage anymore. But this Dell is, well just about anyway.

So in the coming days I see much fiddling with wires, and components. The reinstallation of that pinnacle of Windows operating systems, XP, after someone tried and failed at a dirty installation, tut tut. I see much frustration as many fixes fail to take. But then I also foresee that one glowing, shining moment when everything goes “HUM!”, and it rises from the dead. In that moment Frankenputer will rise again.

And I Amanda Harper, mad tech support will be heard to cackle and cry out “IT’S ALIVE!”

So ye have that to look forward to in the next week or two at least.

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