Oh, now I get it.

Remember when you were a teen?  Back when you really loved one particular type of music, liked a few more and loathed the rest?  No?  Well okay then maybe it was just me.  But regardless that’s what I’m going to speak about here.

Back in my teens I was very much into dance music.  I loved Techonotronic, Baby D, Mousse T, Leftfield, hell even Ace of Base made it onto both my most loved and most listened to list.  Dance music made sense to me.  I spent so many days turning it on, playing it loud and bouncing around a climbing wall or rock face to the time of the music.  Of course like just about everyone else I did like music other than dance.  I adored Queen, and would even listened happily to some rap.

But some music just left me cold.  I couldn’t stand listening to The Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis and Blur just made my fists itch. And the less said about either Bon Jovi or Guns and Roses the better.  As for Nirvana, I would shudder.  Brit pop in general just did nothing for me.  American rock of the period made me think longingly of knitting needles and my eardrums.

But of course as we age, our tastes change.

While Oasis, Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses still make me feel like jumping off a cliff, with maybe a rope attached to my breasts for some pain relief, the rest sort of make sense now.  I can sit and listen to Blur, I don’t love it, but I don’t threaten to disembowel the person playing it either.  I find myself rather enjoying it when The Smashing Pumpkins come on Scuzz and even Nirvana no longer makes me think longingly of a bottle of lemon juice with a complimentary dull, rust covered razor blade.

I was actually kind of stunned when I realised how much my musical tastes had changed. You see the dark secret at the heart of this thirtysomething gothgirl’s teen years is that I was sort of a raver.  Yep I went to raves. In fact Former Candy-Raver Amanda Harper reporting for duty, Sah!  I never expected to find myself loathing modern dance music.  And I do loathe it, you see with one or two very rare exceptions, it’s tripe.  Instead of an MP3 player filled to bursting with roof raising beats, I have an MP3 player filled to bursting with rock, punk, industrial, metal, neo-saxon, hell there’s even some classical music in there.

Basically if you can fly a destroyer and slaughter other players in EVE online to a mind ripping guitar riff, that piece of music is on my playlist.

You see now I get it. I finally get the power behind really hard rock music. It’s aggressive, sometimes violent, virtually always uplifting, fist clenching and oh damn it all, let’s just say it ROCKS and leave it at that.  I still adore the dance music from my teens and Queen are and always will be the Daddy’s of Rock.

Anyway in the end the point of this post is that just because you don’t get a type of music now, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Just enjoy the music you like now and be open to other forms. A few years ago I hated Jethro Tull, now I’ll actually admit, under torture admittedly, that they actually had one great album (1982’s Broadsword and The Beast) and a shitload of mediocre ones. Oh who knows maybe someday I’ll even start to enjoy Elvis Presley, though after thirty years of feeling ill when I hear his voice I really kinda I doubt it.  Here’s hoping time doesn’t make me eat my words…

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