Screw the future, I wanna go back to the past.

I guess you could call me a modern old-fashioned girl. I prefer my gothic wardrobe to be much more 90’s Kindergoth, than an homage to Amy Lee.  I prefer my books to be made of paper than bits.  And personally I think every affordable car has sucked since 1990, when they discontinued the Citroën 2CV.

So with the 1990’s mentioned twice in that short list it will come as no surprise to anyone, that I was a teenager in that particular decade.  It will also come as no surprise, at least not to any of my regular readers, that I prefer my video gaming old school as well.  And hey, if those old school games come from the 90’s as well, well that’s only a good thing too.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love some modern games.  For example, EVE Online is a wonder to behold and Crysis is a masterpiece of storytelling and first person gameplay.  But there’s something about revisiting the games that captivated me back when I was a troubled teen that just fills me with joy. It really is like regaining a piece of my youth.  Especially when while doing so I am happy to realise that even then I had pretty good taste in games.

So there I was yesterday, reading up on an old Playstation 1 (PS1) game, hoping there had been a PC port made of it.  Well as it turns out there was never a conversion to PC, but some clever people have made several freeware emulators for the PS1.

Some of you are now thinking “Well duh, they’ve existed for ages.”  Yes they have and yes you’re dead right.  But I had, foolishly as it turns out, figured that no-one would bother to make roms for a cd-based gaming system.  You’d think that considering I make ISO’s (a way of making a 1:1 copy of a cd or DVD, so you can store it on your hard drive) for all of my games as a matter of course, I would have at some stage thought “Hmmm, you know what?  This might just work for PS1 games.”

Well anyway, I am now the happy owner of a perfectly functional PS1 emulator.  It’s hiding behind a particularly large MP3 from all the 16 and 8 bit emulators that are currently in control of my PC.  But in a few days the joypad I ordered today will arrive, and lil PS1 will undoubtedly spring out and kick each and every one of their asses.

So what does this mean for the future of my blog?  Well once my joypad shows up in the mail expect reviews of such classic gems as Kings Field, Wild Arms, Tenchu – Stealth Assassins and Vandal Hearts.  Since all console games are easier to play with a joypad than a keyboard I’ll be really digging into the back catalogues of systems like the Megadrive, Super NES, Neo-Geo and even plunging deep into the past with the long forgotten Master System.

So my future and the future of the review portion of my blog most definitely rests in the past.  And I didn’t even need a suped up Delorian to get there.

2 Comments to “Screw the future, I wanna go back to the past.”

  1. You must play, in no particular order:

    -Final Fantasy VII
    -Mega Man Legends
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -Final Fantasy Tactics

    I expect a full report on these on my desk by December.

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