Wonderful Webcomics – Something Positive by R.K. Milholland.

I started to read Something Positive (S*P) almost seven years ago.  I found it, like I’m sure many people find their favourite webcomics, quite by accident.  At the time I was in a particularly unhappy place in my life, and in need of a lift I had typed two words into google, “something positive”.  Well, unsurprisingly, this led me directly to this wonderful webcomic.

So what’s S*P about?  Well it initially started as the story of the main character Davan and his two, violent, female best friends, PeeJee and Aubrey.

Davan was, and still is, a darkly cynical character, but he’s also “that” guy.  The male best friend who holds back your hair and listens to you as you bitch ad nauseam about your bad boy/girlfriend # 301.  He’s pretty smart, when he’s not being an idiot, but ultimately he’s an over all good guy, who keeps catching the shitty end of the stick.

PeeJee and Aubrey are two asian women who are not meek, shy, retiring, obedient…well to be short-winded they’re threatening, violent, sweet and very funny.

So for a while, the comic revolves around these three characters, and their large group of messed up friends.  And when I started reading it that’s what I thought I was getting.  I was wrong.  In the years since the day I first opened the S*P archives and read it from the beginning, S*P has dealt with subjects varying from sexuality, death of a parent, disability, Alzheimer’s, unrequited love, requited love, fanboys, scary anime kittengirls, hairless-boneless cats and a musical about Jesus.  No, not the musical you’re thinking of, the one in S*P is called “Nailed” and I would actually pay lots of good money to see it.

Visually S*P is nothing special.  I mean it’s far from ugly, but it’s drawn in a bog-standard cartoon style.  And actually this is a strength, you read it and the drawing style manages not to detract or distract from the story.  The story is where S*P really shines.  From very nearly the beginning, Milholland manages to create characters you want to see, set in a set of well written, closely woven, short and long story arcs.  And while it would appear that he has it all very well planned out, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that the whole thing is in fact, an incredible  visual stream of consciousness.

Okay let’s make this simple.  I like many webcomics, and can recommend at least ten right off the top of my head.  But if I was asked to recommend just one webcomic to someone, hell if I was asked to recommend just one comic, Something Positive would be that comic.  I simply can not sing its praises loudly enough.  Load it up and read it, you won’t be sorry that you did.

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