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33 years old and I have a plan.

As some will have noticed yesterday, I missed my usual 9:30am deadline for posting my regular blog.  As I mentioned in my little apology, this was because of celebrating my 33rd birthday the night before.  For me, as I am sure it is for many other people, the days around my birthday are a period I use to take stock of the previous year and the year to come.  As part of this I decided to explain this blog to my readers.

I must start by saying I love to write.  As a pass time it ranks right up there with girl watching in Dublin City with my friends and kicking arse in World of Warcraft.  I derive so much pleasure and joy from putting pen to paper.  Though in my case fingertips to keyboard is much more accurate.  I started this blog at the insistence of one of my adopted little sisters, Claire.  She felt, rightly as it happens, that this blog would only be a good thing for me as a writer.

To begin with I didn’t really know what I wanted to do here.  There were so many things I could have done with this space.  After all I am lesbian, transexual and I have amongst other things been a professional dominatrix, a carpenter, a caterer and even a silk screen printer.  I have so many interests in my life that they all permanently spill into one another.  But while I am lesbian ans transexual, they are not what my life is about.  They are aspects of who I am and not the definition of what I am.  The same goes for all of my varied jobs, though the professional dominatrix is an exception that I will get to shortly.

So for the last few months I’ve been experimenting here.  To be honest, I’ve learned a lot from that experimentation.  For one thing, I feel my writing has improved a great deal over the last twenty odd posts.  But from all of this I have realised what the structure of this blog needs to be for me to enjoy doing it.

So Tuesdays will be about the universe and everything in it.  I might write about how to clean a pc properly (actually I will be writing a tutorial on that soon, due to a few requests), but I might equally write an article on the state of world politics.  Don’t be surprised either, to read something about the idiocies people believe about science. Or how about something on how babysitting can be the best contraceptive?

On Thursdays I will usually be reviewing something.  It might be the continuation of my series about movies I loathe.  It might be about those wonderful movies I would kill to see on the big screen.  Expect book reviews, game reviews, television, technology and even occasionally music will rear its head.

Saturdays are deep thought territory.  I will be continuing my pet project, covering the emotional and psychologically beneficial aspects of the BDSM lifestyle.  These posts are very important to me, as they are my attempt to bring across to other people just how important and good for some people BDSM can be if it is used properly.  On Saturdays I will also be covering the LGBT spectrum with posts on my perspective with regards to gender, sexuality and LGBT rights.  Though don’t be surprised on a Saturday to find a post on the importance of barbarians to modern society.

These are my plans for the next twelve months, though if something sufficiently important comes up that my be thrown out the window for a short while.  My posts on democratic responsibility are a good example of something more important taking priority.

So I hope that the content will still be random enough to fulfill the promise of my blog’s name.  And I hope that those who have enjoyed regularly reading my work will continue to do so and that the comments will keep coming in.  Feedback is the funnest part of blogging, even the feedback that gets sent privately.

So on with the next year and first on the agenda, that piece on babysitting.  Cause boy did this weekend put me off kids for a good while, let me tell you…

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